tales from the trough…piglet’s March update

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April 2, 2013 by skeeta79

Things have been a little quiet on the blogging on the eating front of late…never fear – consumption is still at an all time high, just the eating out has slowed slightly for the sake of budget and waistline…ok more budget than the latter.

However there have been a few worthy of noting and to play a little catch up…so here goes!

previously on no crusts…

The Cornershop…ok, I’m a fan but seriously its becoming a bit of a Fawlty Towers situation that three times in a row you’ve run out of Avocado Smash. Far be it from me to be a smartarse (oh, the lie!) but it’s bread, avo, feta, rocket – and there’s approximately 4 purveyors of the green things within a 50m radius – how do you run out?!? Rant over (and lucky your baked eggs are DAMN good).

Beatrix…I dont even know if I…I mean words just escape me (quick, call someone!) beatrix chairmanwhen it comes to describing the ‘The Chairman’ so I’ll let the actual chalk board do the talking – really slow roasted pork belly with char siu sauce, iceberg lettuce, spring onion, mint, szechuan pepper salt and sesame aioli…I think I just literally did a Pavlov’s dog drool thinking about it. Get it in your cakehole (we of the work-together, lunch-together cool group are trying to move office next door to Beatrix – so we can literally have a cakehole in the wall).

Sourdough Kitchen – get a loaf of the pumpkin sourdough. That is all (oh the olive loaf is also yum but pumpkin first). Seriously, that is all.


SalixA road trip down Merricks way to visit our friend Sally (who was down from the sunshine state), ended with us having lunch at the swanky award-winning Salix restaurant at Willow Creek Vineyard. Perfect for lunching, the bistro is situated on the big deck that overlooks the wine-making machines, also known as grapevines.  I will say it right here – best gnocchi I have ever had. I’m not usually a big gnocchi fan, so I dont really know what made me go there (I even went past pork belly) but the result was little pillows of perfection. There was pumpkin and cheese involved (the current menu has changed sadly though there are two gnocchi options still).

Prue, of team Tanner Manor, celebrated her birthday at 8920384Richmond’s little piece of Mexico, Chingon Cantina y Taqueria. The menu is tacos – $20 for 4 and they are arriba-worthy. There are also dips and corn chips – I actually think it’s illegal not to offer these at a Mexican restaurant – of the three, the guacamole and the warm black bean are the ones to go for. When it comes to taco time, in the interests of good blogging (ha!) I scoffed four different kinds – prawn, steak, pork and fish. That is also the order of which I rate them. Can I also suggest you try the taco before adding the hot sauce – I dont know who is adding extra heat to a fairly spicy feast, but you’d have to love the (after)burn.  PS they are BYO…yee hah!


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