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April 2, 2013 by skeeta79

actually, it’s not really clever – just pure coincidence that three places I wanted to blog happened to start with F…I dont go hunting eateries with the same letter. Maybe I should. Nah, too much pressure. Anyway, here’s me dropping the f-bomb…

fiesta logo

Because apparently eating Mexican is all I ever do now, here
is another ‘get out your sombrero’ review. The different with Fiesta’s however, is that it’s a bit more traditional Mexican restaurant and fare – as opposed to the swankier versions of other Mexican joints. Think big food, big drinks, big fun. It may have a Toorak Rd, Sth Yarra address but it’s not for you if you think you’re above Montezumas or similar. It’s ‘famous’ because when the Australian Open tennis players used to stay at the Como they’d come here for food – hence ‘the Hewitt’ and ‘the Agassi’ burritos.

First trip was with the Prue-Jules-Em trio, prior to us seeing Skyfall, so emotions were naturally running high…ok mine were at least. Crazy fun night that started with fajitas being referred to as faj (hard j) – i – tars, which because we are so mature sounded rude and involved much sniggering. Then there was the ‘is this guy here with his mum or are they on a date?’ CSI-style investigation which would’ve been as subtle as a sledgehammer (did I mention we were drinking margaritas by the jug?)  fiesta drinkThe chimichanga was as good as I can recall anywhere else, but needs a guacamole side.

The second visit was slightly less raucous – Dad, my bro and me, starving and in need of a beverage. This time I had the Agassi or Hewitt burrito (cant remember). Again, yum but think I would go beef instead of chicken next time. Margarita – good; Dad’s sangria – gooood.

Both times it’s taken effort to get through my meal, which for piglet is saying something.

freestyle logo

Whilst in the south, (except this time South Melbourne), check out Freestyle Espresso for brekkie or brunch before you hit the markets. Tucked in an alleyway on Union St it’s a cool little hang-out with communal tables, a decent menu (including the obligatory all-day breakfast situation) and Allpress coffee (sometimes the kiwis do bring something useful to the mainland).

Oh, and if you’re after more hardcore patisserie style cafe chez drein Sth Melb, try Chez Dre. I know – it’s not an F word. Roll with it. Finding CD also requires you to look for the sign in a lane off Coventry St…that’s how you know it’s like, totally cool. If you’re on the ‘oh I have totally given up sugar cos it’s evil’ bandwagon, don’t bother cos you’ll probably cry when faced with the wall of eclairs and macrons…and that’s just embarrassing.

ferdydurke logo

Welcome to my bar. I have found my CDB drinking haunt. Love it.

I could pretty much end it there but I wont. Hanging out at a bar that is in a laneway, tucked away up 3 flights of stairs, and with the name Ferdydurkes makes me sound like I’m a totally cool hipster. Let me ruin that brief, but wonderful, illusion.

Firstly Georgina and I randomly stumbled upon it whilst waiting to go to Touche Hombre’s rooftop party one Friday night. Secondly, I thought it was called Furdydukes that’s how much hipster attention to detail I had going on. And thirdly, it just doesnt have that snobby ferdy houserules‘we look grungy but actually really pretentious’ vibe. They serve hotdogs. Seriously, seriously good hotdogs starting at $4.

It’s so good and chilled that when the Touche Hombre situation really annoyed us (long story but a surly door wench and an hour long queue didn’t win them any favours) we went back there and whiled away the night. We went downstairs for a drink at Section 8, and still went back to Ferdy’s for another.

It is however, definitely the kind of place to best hit up straight after work, make friends with the bar guys and settle in for a few hours (eat a couple of hot dogs) before heading out elsewhere if you absolutely have to.


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