caffeined…we dont joke about coffee


January 15, 2013 by skeeta79

espresso1Happy new year all!!

If, like me, you are back at work with post-holiday blues you know the one thing that’s going to be required – at least one cup of go juice…and living in Melbourne I can’t not do a post on coffee. In fact, let’s be honest, there’s probably going to a few over time.

I come from a family of coffee snobs…the four who sit at the top of the ‘beanpole’ are my parentals and my ‘aunt’ Jeannie and her husband Shane (‘aunt’ because I’d need 3 whiteboards to explain the family dynamics but sometimes water is thicker than blood). J & S have taught their local Yankee baristas in Philly how to make coffee – it’s serious people. And don’t stand between my Dad and his morning cup of joe – you know the term ‘hangry’? This is ‘cangry’ and people could get hurt.

I don’t possess quite the refined palates of the above mentioned to discriminate down to the molecular level of how good a coffee is. I do however love it, and I know when I get a bad / burnt / pissweak cup (oh yes I’ve left my loyalty to an establishment when the good coffee guy/girl has moved on – you feel guilty, you don’t make eye contact walking past – but you can’t go back).

Melbourne – coffee mecca, there’s no denying it. So when the call to prayer comes in the form of the sound of milk frothing, you face the espresso and give praise to barista.

I have been somewhat surprised however, to find that Di Bella coffee is gaining a fair bit of play in the Southern coffee scene – who woulda thunk the Brissie beans would get a look in? Next you’ll all be getting on the square bear bundy train (yes!)

And as a mud-blood VIC/QLD’er I do have a dirty, dirty little secret…I have a ‘thing’ for Campos coffee from Sydney…I know, I need to take a good, hard look at myself. Some other time perhaps…

But let’s start the list of where it’s at – feel free to add Radley coffeesuggestions as I’m always on the hunt for another haunt – the more tiny, raw brick, arty and ink on the staff arms, the better it appears 🙂 And the best thing about Melbourne cafes? The dog comes too.

In the wild west(ern suburbs)

Tthecornershophe Cornershop in Yarraville – have reviewed here before but the coffee is one of the best in the west if you can get a seat (and the food is great so do breakfast)

Wee Jeanie iwee jeanien Yarraville – sister of Cornershop, literally just around the corner and where Jo and I go if we’ve got the pooches as they have a perfect area to sit out the back. I was going to mention that the menu seems a little thin – but just did some research and apparently the guy who owned Le Chien (see below) moved to open Cornershop and because of the queues also opened WJ with the aim of being coffee only – investigative journalism at its finest right here.

hausfrauHaus Frau (Yarraville and Albert Park) – this is where you go for a ‘girly’ cafe; think cupcakes, macrons, lots of pink and kitsch fit-out. I quite like the coffee from here and the cakes are YUM.

Soughdough kitchsourdoughen in Seddon – good coffee but don’t bother if you’re in a hurry; I’ve never been served quickly though the staff are lovely. It’s on my list of places to do breakfast as the bakery part and menu looks amazing.

chiccologoChicco – probably my second fave in my ‘burb (anything in chiccoSeddon is a 3 minute walk from my house!) The first coffee place I tried when I moved, and it went straight on the list. Dad had a not so good one here but might have just been an off day. I’m loving the mis-matched cups and old-school spoons. The fruit toast with mascarpone cream and raw honey is awesome too.

le chienLe Chien – my favourite coffee haunt near home though it’s one of the most popular for every other westie too so be prepared! And I say it’s my fave even though I once had very ordinary takeaway coffee, but I’ll forgive them (I’ll even forgive them for using fruit toast with orange peel…dont get me started – it’s like the crust thing) because when the good barista is on, it’s worth it. It’s the only time I’ve been able to drink coffee without any sugar in it. That good.


2 thoughts on “caffeined…we dont joke about coffee

  1. alisonss8 says:

    hey I’m liking your blog, love the way you have it all set up!

    • skeeta79 says:

      Thanks Alison! I find WordPress really unintuitive so it takes ages to layout a post (also cos I’m too stingy to pay for upgrades!) …but i’m getting there! PS loving the mumble xx

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